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Yeti and Monk - darjeeling food heaven in Pune #punefood #musttrtpuneplaces

Location : shop no.2, patil complex, ambedkar chowk, next to hdfc atm, Khadki, Pune, Maharashtra 411020

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Yeti and Monk was on my bucket list for very long time but I never got a chance to actually go and visit the place as my friends don't prefer pork meat. Somehow In December month I saw a post on PEO and decided to visit the place.

I visited the place on Friday evening, they've done some major changes in the interior and the restaurant looks more lively now. You won't feel dull or something while seating and hogging on your favourite food.

Things we tried -

Darjeeling Steamed Dumplings [ Pork - 250/- ] = These juicy looking medium-sized dumplings comes in a medium thick coating and are packed with juicy minced pork meat which is again seasoned with in-house spices. The meat was super juicy and you get to have the flavorful broth in the inside which is the best thing I've ever had. Last but not least the dip you get with the dumplings is something you won't find anywhere else. #Musttry

Vietnamese ICED Coffee [160/-]- One of the best Vietnamese Iced coffee I've had in a very long time. I had the Vietnamese coffee at same place when the place was run by Vietnamese people named as Smiley House. This one is strong and I mean it. We had 2 drinks each and we couldn't sleep till 3 am. The coffee really tastes good and have balanced flavours which will make you have more.

Spicy Thukpa [Pork 350/-] = Then we had their famous spicy thukpa , which is more than enough for two people. It comes in a heavy huge bowl which is packed with lots of things. The broth is a real deal , the flavor profile of the broth is on another level which is then accompanied by pork meat and I will suggest you guys to go with Pork meat only as its the right choice. Definitely have it.

Pork Chops with Rice [600-800 rs] - You don't get this dish on weekdays and you need to make prior bookings. Luckily when we went they started the dish on Friday as well so we get to try the legendary dish. The Pork chops were cooked to perfection and when you try to take a bite the meat was literally falling apart from the bone. The meat was so juicy and flavorful that you just can't stop at once bite. The dish is so heavy that we had to take the parcel and after having it after 3 days the taste was still the same or i'll say it was enhanced. So you can imagine how perfect they've cooked and seasoned the meat. #musthave.

The prices are definitely not on the pocket-friendly side but if you really want to try the best Asian food then you must visit this place. I was shocked and blown away by the food and I think the amount we paid was totally worth it.

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